Celebrate America's Birthday with Star-Spangled Waffles & Pancakes

The Fourth of July is America's Birthday, and the best time of the year to enjoy everything red, white and blue with your closest friends, family and neighbors. So bring the whole neighborhood together this holiday and treat everyone to America's Favorite Waffles & Pancakes -- but not just for breakfast -- enjoy our special recipes during lunch, dinner or dessert, too!

Start off your day by whipping up an American Flag Waffle for the kids; they'll love decorating their food, and you'll love how fast and easy they are! And once you're done barbecuing on the grill, fire up your waffle baker again for delicious, one-of-a-kind Waffle Taco Sundaes. Serve and enjoy this decadent dessert on a hot summer day, or while watching fireworks color the night sky.

There's no better way to treat your friends and family to America's Favorite Waffles & Pancakes than with our world-famous Original Waffle & Pancake Mix. Be sure to give everyone a taste of our American-themed recipes this Fourth of July: