Golden Malted Ice Cream 'Wafflewich'



  1. Beat egg and water together
  2. Add Golden Malted Original Waffle and Pancake Mix and mix well
  3. Stir in melted butter
  4. Ladle onto hot waffle iron and remove when the outside becomes crispy. We recommend using the Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker - makes perfect waffles every time
  5. Break waffles into quarters and place on cookie sheet.
  6. Put cookie sheet with waffles in freezer for 15 minutes to cool.
  7. Once the waffles have cooled, take 1 quarter section of a waffle, scoop your favorite ice cream on top and sandwich ice cream with a second waffle quarter. (repeat steps to make as many wafflewiches as desired)
  8. Dust with confectioners sugar (if desired)
  9. Enjoy!