Get into Flavor of the Season with Golden Malted

Thirteen years ago, thanks to a certain coffee company, the country was introduced to the pumpkin spice latte . More than 200 million of these drinks have been sold since its inception and it's popularity continues to grow. Consequently, at least partial credit must go to this event for ensuring the ubiquitous flavor of pumpkin is now a cultural phenomenon that signals the approach of fall.

So now, as the leaves are changing color, Halloween decorations have been put out and everything from coffee, cookies, cereal, candles and even soap is available in pumpkin! Clearly, the enjoyment of pumpkin is here to stay.
So this fall, why not bring some of the flavor of the season to your breakfast table with Golden Malted pumpkin flavored waffle and pancake mix, - back just in time for fall’s pumpkin craze!! Made with REAL pumpkin and savory spices, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a chilly fall morning with your friends and family. The amazing aroma will fill your home and you and your family will be sure to enjoy our great- tasting pumpkin waffles and pancakes. You can even top them with whipped cream for breakfast or even as a dessert.

Our pumpkin waffles and pancakes are easy to make – just follow this simple recipe and you and your family will be enjoying these in no time at all!
Don’t miss out – our Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Mix is only available while supplies last during the Fall. Treat your family today - Order Golden Malted's Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Mix now!